Merging WordPress Multisite

When I first set up my personal website network, I got a bit carried away.  Once I had the first two sites in a multisite network, I started splitting out every category of my blog into its own site – each with its own domain.

At the peak, I had:

  • One site for my personal profile – linking to all the other sites
  • One site for a professional portfolio
  • One site for my business blog
  • One site for my Christianity blog
  • One site for my creative writing portfolio
  • One site for political discussions
  • One site for a personal journal

Then I read a great article by Ipstenu about why you shouldn’t use WordPress Multisite and decided I should rein things in a bit.  Categories of content should be categories instead of full sites.

This started a huge migration of content.  I set up a clean WordPress installation and started moving all of my posts, pages, categories, tags, etc from the schismed sites into the new one.  Everything was clean and ready to go … except for one thing. External links. [Read more…]