Who is Jumping Duck Media?

Jumping Duck Media is the professional name of Eric Mann.  It’s the name under which I develop marketing plans, write and publish books, design media collateral, and help other people launch their dreams.

It’s also the realization of my own life-long dream to publish a book.

What is a Jumping Duck

In business school, I had a habit of ignoring lectures in order to chat online with friends.  They mocked me for not having any kind of avatar set up online.  So, one day, a friend chose one for me.

It was a little animated duck that would jump up and down emphatically whenever I typed in bold.

I loved it!  And the nick name that avatar earned me has stuck ever since.


In 2008, I ended an internship with a marketing agency in Seattle and prepared to move back to Portland.  A co-worker took me out to lunch and asked what I had planned for my future.  Sitting in the restaurant my heart sunk as I realized the answer.

I don’t know.

She probed a bit more.  I had talked for months of starting a publishing company – one of my lifelong dreams was to publish a book, and I told anyone and everyone about it.  She suggested I do just that and asked why I hadn’t done so already.

I don’t know how.

I was gripped by a terrifying fear of the business world.  I didn’t understand computers.  I didn’t understand business licensing.  I had a tenuous grip on intellectual property.  And I had a grand total of 3 months experience as a marketing consultant.  The idea of just jumping in and doing something scared me to death.

So that’s exactly what I did.

Two weeks later, Jumping Duck Media was born.

I published a book; then another; and another.

I built a website; then another; and another.

I landed a marketing client; then another; and another.

Jumping Duck Media exists because I overcame my fear of launching a business, and it continues to exist so that others might overcome their own fear of launching as well.  Stop talking about your dreams in terms of “some day.”  Jump right in and do the thing that scares you to death.

I’ll be here to help.