I now build WordPress projects for 10up.

WordPress is the reason I have a job today.

I first used it to build a personal blog in college.  A client hired me to build his website based on that blog. A later employer asked me to build out the corporate website as a result of that client.

Ironically, I’ve moved more towards Microsoft technologies over the past couple of years.  But my first experiences with the web and programming were with open source, and I try to give back what I can.

Today, I build WordPress plugins, design WordPress themes for clients, contribute code back to WordPress core, and offer my support when I can to the community.

I was a mentor for the 2010 Google Code-In and again for the 2011 Google Summer of Code.

I’m active in the support forums and occasionally on IRC.

I am also one of the community moderators for the new but growing WordPress Answers Stack Exchange.