Show off Your Codex Props!

Show off Codex work in your own sidebar.

Some time ago, I released a plugin that allows you to highlight contributions to the core WordPress project on your very own site.

Today sees the release of version 1.2 of the WP Core Contributions Widget plugin.  This new version adds a Codex contributions widget as well.

So now you can show off both your Trac reputation and your work on the Codex.  Those who write documentation for the core project are just as important as the devs who write the code; they deserve recognition, too!

Version 1.2 also extends internationalization by passing all output strings through WordPress’ internal translation functions.  Updated .po files are included for translators.

This latest update also features work from the talented Mike Bijon, bringing the total number of individual code contributors to 4.  This is definitely becoming a community project!

Read the full details of version 1.2 here.  You can download the plugin from the repository or fork the code yourself on GitHub.