JS Banner Rotate

This plugin uses JavaScript to create a platform-agnostic rotating banner image for your website. Unlike similar Flash implementations, this feature will work even on Flash-disabled web browsers.

Note that you will need to upload your images separately using WordPress’ built-in image gallery feature.


Latest version: Download JS Banner Rotate v2.0.2 [zip]

JS Banner Rotate has been downloaded 34540 times so far!


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.


  1. Upload the entire js-banner-rotate folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Place [jsbrotate images=image1url|image2url... /] on your pages/posts
  4. Optionally, you can place the function <?php jsbrotate(images=image1|image2...); ?> in your templates to call the banner

Accepted Arguments

The shortcode/template tag accepts several parameters …


Specify your images in a pipe-delimited list:


Banner Link

Link your entire banner to a specific page on the site or to an external URL:


Banner Title

Give your banner a title so people know what it’s about:

titlevis=true title=Portfolio

Height and Width

Specify the dimensions of your banner. All images not already at these proportions will be stretched/scaled to fix:

height=500 width=230

Display and Fade Duration

Manage the length of time each image is displayed on the screen and the length of time it takes to fade between them:

imgdisp=8 imgfade=3



  • Fix a JS scope issue preventing the fade duration setting from propogating to the script.


  • Fix an error where deprecated arguments were flagged with the wrong function.


  • Refactor display system to use a pluggable template.
  • Deprecate older image1= API.


  • Switch to jQuery (issue 1)
  • Fix white background image (issue 2)
  • Contextual script inclusion and execution (issue 3)
  • Upgrade to PHP5 OOP syntax


  • Fix an exotic IE7 bug related to linking to images.


  • Removes insecure Elliot RPC integration


  • Fixed calls to deprecated functions


  • Overhauled system to integrate advanced error reporting
  • Updated and improved documentation


  • Fixed CSS typo for .banner-container definition
  • Updated documentation for PHP function call


  • Tested to WordPress version 2.9.1
  • Modified GPL references to restrict to version 2 only


  • Eliminates the use of the OJAY javascript library
  • Allows the use of more than 5 images
  • Removed image numbers


  • Fixes IE CSS display problem


  • Further clean-ups to Javascript implementation
  • Adds the ability to change the color of the image numbers
  • Adds the ability to toggle the image numbers on and off
  • Adds the ability to change the timing of the image display and fade
  • Adds template tag
  • Changes default image sizing to match WordPress defaults


  • Adds the ability to toggle the banner title on and off


  • Cleans up CSS to prevent interference with other plug-ins
  • Updates readme.txt to explain required/optional shortcode parameters and defaults
  • Updates YUI javascript libraries to the most current release
  • Tests compatability with WP 2.8.1


  • First release